About Our Friends

We are the pipopipo friends and we believe in adventure, fun, and blurring the lines between the real and imaginary. We’re always looking for new pals to play with. Won’t you come join us?


I am a fun-loving, occasionally grumpy panda. Sometimes I can be heard grumbling, but a big bowl of bamboo or making a new friend always cheers me up. I think you’re pretty cool. Want to be friends?


I hop because I’m happy. You can usually find me bouncing around the valley, although I frighten easily. Not to worry! I can almost always be lured out of hiding with a fresh carrot… By the way, got any carrots?


I am a quick-flying, fast-talking shot of pure energy, fueled by honey and destined for fun. Come with me and get ready for a wild ride, ‘cause this bee won’t stop playing till his stripes fall off!


My friends say I am wise beyond my years and a great listener, but I don’t like to take myself too seriously. Just because I’m rooted to the ground and made of wood doesn’t mean I can’t let my leaves down and cut loose. Swing on by anytime you need someone to chat with, or just to play and have fun together.


I soar through the sky shining so bright that I part the light spectrum, and leave a rainbow trail in my wake! Twinkle, twinkle, amigo! It’s time to jump onboard for a magic carpet ride to fun.


I have an inquiring mind and want to know just about everything. I like asking questions almost as much as I like finding out the answers. My petals are wide open and I’m listening real close. So tell me friend, what brings you here?

Let the sun shine in!
Cloudy with a chance of pipo! Cloudy with a chance of pipo! Cloudy with a chance of pipo!