Our Company


pipopipo (pronounced pee-po pee-po) is an apparel company focused exclusively on people five years old and under. 

We create our clothing and accessories so that they’re easy for parents to use and fun for kids to wear. We have a handful of principles that guide our work and everything we create. These are important to us, because we know they’re important to you:


These are kids’ clothes. We design them to look like such, with bright colors and fun characters.


We’re talking to all of you who are five years old or younger! We at pipopipo don’t just want to clothe you — we’re also here to entertain you. We’d love you to meet the pipopipo friends, get yourself some supercute duds, and take us along, wherever you go. We’re gonna have fun together!


We remember what it was like to have Mom and Dad struggle to dress us and keep us in clothes that fit. And who could blame us for squirming? Getting dressed sometimes seems like it takes forever! That’s why our clothes come with easy-to-use fasteners, non-confining construction, and designs that address the specific concerns of the youngest people: a little extra pudge, sensitive skin, and unstable footing, just to name a few. No more need to wail away on the diaper changing table. These clothes are designed to get you in, get you out, and back to playing or snoozing comfortably -- in no time flat. Yeah, little one — we heard you crying and we have you covered.

*Expanded apparel offerings coming soon!!!


We have a conscience and think our company should too. All of our products, content, and company practices are child-safe, environmentally sensitive, and respectful to our fellow characters and humans too.

Whether you encounter us online, in print, or in a clothing store, we hope your time with us is full of joy, wonder, and lots of fun!

Let the sun shine in!
Cloudy with a chance of pipo! Cloudy with a chance of pipo! Cloudy with a chance of pipo!